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YORK, Aug. 13 report: Who is the Bundesliga's most handsome FIFA 16 player? Some would say that the number one star Royce, some people will say that the Spanish veteran Bayern Alonso, for the guy, everyone has a different opinion. Recently, fifa 16 coins 'Playboy' magazine conducted a survey, there are 1,000 male readers to participate. In the 'most handsome Bundesliga stars' in the selection, Richmond captain with his black hair and brown eyes won the first prize. Bayern coach Guardiola to become 'the best partner to watch,' Thomas - became the 'most want to drink beer with a partner.' 'Bild': Hummels Bundesliga top guy According to opinion polls, 'Playboy' magazine, the Bundesliga is the most handsome star Dortmund captain Mats Hummels!

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